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South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Mozambique

African Pothole Solutions

Consider it FIXED!

Viatec UK is the Producers of Viafix – the world’s best cold asphalt. Viafix now also available in Southern Africa via African Pothole Solutions.

African Pothole Solutions (Pty)Ltd was created to address the over-demand for cost and labour effective road repairs in South Africa

The unique product and methods used, compared to competitors, gives it an edge in respect of:

  • The composition of the raw material product which is patented internationally;
  • The time for a pothole to be finished, ready for use by vehicles (5 minutes);
  • Limited equipment and capital layout required to effect repairs;
  • The limited number of people required to patch a pothole (2 people);
  • The cost effectiveness;
  • Permanent repair.
  • Shelf Life: 12 months whilst sealed, 6 – 24 hours once seal is broken.

To see Viafix's extreme performance in action, watch our compelling video evidence

Fast • Cost and Labour Effective • Reliable • Permanent

Uses water as a catalyst.

Green Product.

No loss of mass over 12 months.

Extremely fast repair and curing time and can accommodate any traffic immediately.

Minimal, unskilled labour required to repair.

Long shelf-life

Can be laid with very little preparation and compacted by hand or by immediate by traffic.

Can be repaired in wet conditions as well.

Viatec UK obtained standards accreditations and approvals as per their website

South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) approval cannot be obtained at all as the SABS cannot supply a standards certificate as there are no available standards laid down in South Africa for road repair/pothole repair material.

Although Viatec UK have 14 products available, African Pothole Solutions (Pty)Ltd mainly provide Viatec UK’s ViafixQuick for Potholes product.

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