Industry questionnaire: Cold Mix Asphalt for repair of road surfaces

1. Do you regularly supply cold asphalt product for road repairs? Y/N No

2. What is your estimate of the total SA annual market for cold asphalt? 3 Million tons

3. How would you describe the type of your product(s)? (please ✓ )


Bituminous binder type

Emulsion based

Cutback sed

Other (please provide generic description)


IP Protected Worldwide


Sand skeleton

Stone skeleton

Duration of workability from time of manufacture (hours)

5 Minutes

The product is quality approved by Wainwright (the UK equivalent of the RSA’s SABS), is classified as a Green Product. This unique product, and methods used, provides it with an edge in respect of:


a. All weather repair product (sun, rain or snow);
b. The time for a pothole to be finished, ready for use by vehicles (5 minutes);
c. Uses water as catalyst;
d. Limited equipment and capital layout required to effect repairs;
e. The guaranteed life span of the product (10 years);
f. The limited number of people required to patch a pothole (2 people);
g. The cost effectiveness in which it can be done (50% and more less than existing practices);
h. Compliance under 2010 NSRWA/SROH (UK new roads and street works act) coring specifications.
i. HAPAS (UK Highway Authorities Product Approval) certified.
j. Surrey test certificates: – wheel tracker test
maximum density test
– skid resistance test
– air void test

4. Do you currently have product(s) certified by Agrèment SA? Y/N No

5. Would you support a process whereby cold asphalt for road repairs should be (ASA) accredited for use in SA? Y/N Yes

6. Please indicate your interest in the three categories of application for cold mix asphalt: ✓

Emergency repair Short term — 1 year life

Durable repair Medium term — ≥5 year life

“Permanent” application Long term — ≥ 10 year life


7. Have your products been subjected to a HSE assessment to limit exposure to health risks by applicators of the product, and damage to the environment? Y/N Yes

8. Do you have an accessible, formal quality plan for: Manufacture of the asphalt mix? Y/N Yes Application of the product? Y/N Yes

9. A survey has indicated that currently there are no standards or specifications for cold mix patching asphalt. Is there a need for Sabita to establish a generic standard and method for the determination of mix components and composition, with associated application methods and procedures? Y/N Yes

10. What would be reasonably straightforward suitable criteria to ensure reasonable performance?:


Compliance criteria

Resistance to deformation

Must be at least 95% resistant to deformation.


Must be 100% impermeable to water and mud.

Durability (e.g. sufficiently thick binder film)

Repairs to last to at least 8 to 10 years.

Additional (please indicate)

  • Duration to repair a standard pothole should not exceed 20 minutes.
  • Duration for repair patch to cure, before transport over it can commence in full, must not exceed 5 minutes.
  • Repairs should last at least 3 x longer than existing repair practices.
  • Cost to repair potholes should be reduced by between 25% and 35%.

11. Is there a suitable alternative to Agrèment SA certification — especially in auditing quality assurance procedures? Y/N. Yes If Y, please indicate your proposal.

  • Surrey test certifications: United Kingdom and Agrèment Europe, Mid East, Pacific and USA.
  • The UK HAPAS (Highway Authorities Product Approval) certification can be used as a proven standard.
  • Compliance under 2010 NSRWA/SROH (UK new roads and street works act) coring specifications.


Our product is eco-friendly, uses water as a catalyst, has a five-minute curing time and merge with any material. Can be applied under water. There is minimum traffic disturbance when a pothole is fixed and serious traffic jams will be a thing of the past. Its uniqueness has been proven extensively in Europe, Australia, mid-East and the USA. This is their preferred cold mix pothole repair material. Tests and certifications over years proved our cold asphalt product to be unique in its binding compilation, application advantages and cost effectiveness.